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Born in 1980, i graduated from University of South Australia with a degree in graphic design, in 2001. Since then, i have lived and worked (both in-house and freelance) in Los Angeles; San Francisco; New York City; and Rio de Janeiro.

I am influenced by urban art and graffiti, which play obvious roles within my work - as i like to incorporate original hand-done elements and distortions. Despite this, i still prefer to keep my work clean and structured, with attention to layout and composition.

The photography used in my designs, is almost always original (except when the client insists on providing their own photos). And i like to do photography on the side, with various projects going (including photo books that i have published / am publishing).

Logos; flyers; posters; t-shirts; menus; album covers; book covers; websites... or whatever you need done - let me know the specifics and i can provide more info. I am currently living in New York City, but can work remotely if need be,

Thanks for visiting! Nick Piesiewicz.